Today’s small businesses face logistical challenges as they compete in the global marketplace. Lacking the global office network of large enterprises, small businesses rely on their data networks to bridge the geographical divide.

 EndPoint Technology Services specializes in internet telephony, VoIP and Office Telephone Systems.

 Your Small Business Phone System is your Lifeline!

 It can be difficult to choose which phone system to buy for one's business, as the world of telephone communication has improved so much in recent years. Making a choice is not easy because there are so many different models and types of phone systems available.

 EndPoint Technology Services can do much more than provide a great phone system for your business. Our specialists can offer the experience and objectivity required to take a project from the planning stages through final implementation.

 Any system that you purchase should have the ability to provide such features as Voice Messaging, Speed Dialing, Auto Attendant, Caller ID, Automatic Call Distribution, Conference Calling, and Paging.

 Do you have just a handful of employees or a few hundred users, EndPoint Technology Services has the solution for your business. Whether small or large environment, we have the solution that works best for your needs.


 These have the best of all worlds. They are the ultimate in converged voice and data technology formerly reserved for only the largest of corporations.

 Cutting edge customer service with easy to use tools is now available to the smallest of businesses. They are VoIP, Digital and Analog systems that can be customized to give the client the most for their money.

 They converge all your locations to a single network, they use both digital and VoIP Extensions depending on what works best for the clients network and the have the ability of using analog lines and extensions for auxiliary equipment such as fax machines and fax servers.

 With full and robust applications such as Auto Attendants, Voice Messaging, Caller ID, Voice Mail to E-Mail, Automatic Call Distribution through Call Queuing, Call Center Features, Call Accounting Applications, Conference Calling and Paging (both over head or through the phones themselves).

 The Hybrid Systems give the client the most flexibility, the latest technologies for years to come, these systems will do all that is required in today’s market and more.


 Designed for small business these systems are perfect for businesses with 40 or less users.

 They are of particular interest to small businesses, especially those looking to grow by providing improved customer service. These businesses see communications as a strategic tool, and they are looking to improve the way they interact with their customers. They also are looking for technical quality and reliability to help them meet their current and future business needs.

 They should offer services such as Voice Messaging, Auto Attendant, Caller ID, Conference Calling and over head Paging.


 The PBX System Provides an office environment with a wide variety of telephone features, both basic and advanced, and is powered by a central PBX cabinet.

 This particular type of office phone system is suited to meet the needs of larger companies with 40 or more employees. This telephone system integrates well with other technologies already in-place and can be programmed to connect with current office configurations.

 The real value found in this type of telephone system is its ability to offer not only all of the basic telephone features, but to also add more advanced features. Of course, the final cost to you will depend on the features you select for your PBX system.


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