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 Any business that has multiple computers and limited peripherals can take advantage of the benefits provided by a computer network. By taking advantage of a Network, business transactions are fast and information is communicated more easily between employees, customers and suppliers.

 Our Network Services begin by developing an understanding of our client's needs and helping them in utilizing their technology environment and requirements.

Why install a network?

  • Shared Office Applications - Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Presentation Software, Databases
  • Specialist Applications - Web-based files sharing, Graphics applications & hardware, Accounting & Financial packages.
  • Computers can share Peripherals such as: Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines,  Photo Copiers, Modems and Specialist machinery
  • Regular backups can be automated so your business information is always protected
  • Files are protected by a security structure which only allows users who have been granted permission to access specific files and directories
  • High Speed Internet & Email access
  • Employees can e-mail or discuss issues in real-time with customers, suppliers and each other
  • Large documents or business files can be centrally stored on a server, allowing faster and easier access
  • Data Security & Storage - Virus checkers, Ad-ware/Spy-ware, Backup schedules, Archiving, Firewalls
  • Employees can share tools to enhance teamwork
  • Administration of user accounts and permissions is centralized, making it quicker, easier and more convenient
  • Authorized users can get secure access to your business information

 Our dedication to produce excellent service ensures that your business will benefit from our knowledge and experience. EndPoint Technology makes sure that our network technicians are properly trained and certified with a strong background in hands-on experience allowing our engineering teams to provide effective, secure and reliable technology solutions for our clients. If you require a fully installed, configured, and maintained network solution for your business, we will provide it for you.


Design - whether upgrading an existing network or starting from scratch, EndPoint Technology can install the hardware required to run both internal (LAN) and external (WAN) networks.

 Whatever your network needs, the components that make up the network, such as operating systems, servers, switches, routers, remote access and structured cabling can be installed according to your budget, specifications and timeline.

Maintenance and Support - although computer hardware is generally very reliable, the equipment that is essential to the running of your business is critical and should be maintained.  Agreements can be made to suit your business needs, and with response times that reflect the equipment's importance to your business.  Software support for both standard applications and network operating systems can also be arranged.


 Businesses in the modern world are becoming progressively more dependent on computers and telecommunications. Without them, where would we be?

What plan have you put in place to avoid a -disaster within your company?

  • Did you know that 45% of companies that experience a disaster close their doors and 31% of those that do reopen after a disaster close within 2 years?
  • Businesses that lose their computer systems for 10 days or more never recover financially and 51% will be out of business within 5 years.

 Many businesses do not consider this to be a priority and as a result often fail to plan for such possible events.

 A proposed network based IT system is right for your business needs when it is flexible and scalable to provide capacity as you grow, enabling your business to run effectively when problems occur.

 The design, specification, maintenance and on-going upgrade of desktop and server systems is critical to running a successful business IT system. Many businesses have built their IT system over many years and have a wide mix of desktop and server operating systems & hardware. A stable platform environment is needed to enable a wide range of applications to operate effectively.  Our design skills are based on education and hands on experience from installing and supporting networking solutions.


 As business becomes more dependant on its computer networks and organizations take advantage of the Internet an increasing amount of corporate data and information is now stored and transmitted electronically. With this increased use comes increased risk from Hackers, Viruses, Internet Worms, and Data Loss just to mention a few vulnerabilities.

 To prevent these problems from arising EndPoint Technology has a complete Security Solution for your business. Configuring and maintaining Firewalls, Anti-Virus programs, Secure network permissions, Data Backup and Data Recovery and Security Auditing are just a few of the services that we can provide.


 The network infrastructure is usually connected using CAT 5, 5e, 6 /UTP or the new (10G Based-T) cable. Ethernet Hubs, Switches and Routers are installed in key positions to ensure maximum network speed and Uptime.

 Our teams of specialists are on hand to help design, plan and implement all your cabling requirements. After an initial consultation and site survey, we will present you with a customized solution for your business needs. If you don't have network cabling in place, or if you need your existing cabling extended, upgraded or replaced. EndPoint Technology will implement the solution you need.


 In an ever-changing Internet world, it is important to be competitive, productive and efficient.  We can compliment your business, providing the support you need to use the Internet in the most effective manner, without compromise to security. With our engineers being well experienced working with Dial Up, DSL, ISDN, Frame Relay, and T-1.  EndPoint is proficient at handling all of your Internet issues.

 E-Mail is by far the fastest and most cost effective way for businesses to communicate with their customers, their suppliers and their staff, with information being sent at the touch of a button, making solutions such as e-mail essential in business for almost instantaneous messaging around the globe. Whether you have just a few accounts from your ISP or you need a Mail Server set up and managed EndPoint Technology will have the solution.


 In a wireless network configuration the computers communicate to a central access point using radio signals. Since no cables are required, wireless networks are very easy to install and have the benefit of being highly portable even if people are working in different rooms.

 Wireless networking is an up and coming feature throughout the IT world and it is going to play a big role in our lives at the office or virtually anywhere. We can provide you with a Wireless extension to your LAN or just your laptop. This is an easy and secure way of allowing your office workers or guests with laptops to connect to the network. Wireless networking is extremely safe as all connections can be fully encrypted to block unwanted intruders to your network.


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